Bucharest, Romania – An Airbnb Set in a WWII German-built Apartment.

The secret to finding amazing Airbnb apartments –
and not having to pay an arm and a leg for them?

If you ask me – I’ll say this. Spend a copious amount of time browsing through Airbnb and don’t just look at the first 3 pages and decide on a place to stay. Sure, the first 3 pages may already present some amazing options. Save these listings to your customised list and look back at them later – but don’t stop here.
Throughout my experience with booking and staying at various Airbnbs in Europe, Asia and Brazil, most of my best experiences come from listings that are not so sought after (they usually appear after the 3rd page). Listings that appear after the 3rd page do not mean that they are in any way inferior to the ones showcased in the front 2 pages. This could just mean that they are newer listings with lesser reviews. The plus side is that these beautiful apartments with great hosts (who are often travellers or Airbnb users themselves) offer very attractive prices, and your competition for booking their place is way, way lesser as compared to those looking for a Superhost listing, for example, who has 150 reviews. The latter, is of course a safe and reliable option, with just the downside of it being way too popular and unavailable for months. But – what is the thrill of staying in a home that’s been so frequented by strangers? No, just me?

During your Airbnb search, I strongly urge you to stay patient – because it is then that you’ll start to discover some of the most unique, cosy and aesthetically impressive homes, just like this one featured in my article! My host literally had only 1 review (positive one) before I booked. After staying at her place, I could easily say this listing deserves 5 stars, and she could well become a Superhost in the near future (if she wants to).

I do love and embrace hostel culture, but the times where I simply need to be alone, or be really well-rested, I go straight for an Airbnb for a truly “home away from home” experience. I spent a week in this apartment and it was the most comfortable time I ever had in Bucharest. Bonus: The host is a writer with impeccable taste as reflected in her beautiful home, and she even offered hand-picked camomile for me to make as much camomile tea as I’d like – who can refuse?

The home is filled with cozy elements such as thoughtfully-selected vintage furniture – altogether adding to the charm and beauty of this apartment.

(Top) The orthopedic mattress lying under lovely pink sheets.
This bed was so great for a good night’s rest. So great that I had only needed 5 hours of sleep while I was there – and afterwards I was all ready to take on the world! If you know me, you’ll know that this rarely happens – because I sleep like nobody’s business. Thanks to this insanely magical mattress had I truly realised that maybe it’s time to invest in a proper one back home.

More interestingly, this apartment is set in a building built by the Germans during World War 2. Talk about vintage!
My lovely host had also left me a beautiful colouring therapy book from Italy (pictured above) at my disposal. I coloured the page with Frida Kahlo – and the perfectionist in me spent hours just colouring the flowers in her hair… so I guess it was sort of like a therapy?

Fancy a morning read, coupled with delicious iced coffee and strawberry nutella crepe?

This place exudes so much character and charm. #BedroomGoals!

The hint of the sun rising and peeking into the apartment at 6:30am, which is also the time I finally decided to fall asleep… Good morning (night) world.

If you would like to get the details to this Airbnb listing – leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to get back to you on that!

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